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    Aerobic Environment
    Anaerobic Environment
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    Waste Water
    Marine Water
    Compatible with PP,PE,PS
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    Suitable for food contact
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  • Reduce

    Reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste is a common goal, let's look at how to achieve it.

  • Re-use

    Re-use plastic products to help reduce waste.

  • Recycle

    Recycling properly reduces the amount of rubbish, meaning new products can be made.

  • Biodegrade

    Biodegradation is a key concept in the effort to reduce pollution caused by throwing away plastic items in the environment..



  • Re-usable
  • Recyclable
  • Aerobically biodegradable
  • Anaerobically biodegradable
  • Biodegradable in waste water
  • Biodegradable in marine water
  • Does not release heavy metals

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  • 01 Oct
    Poly-Bi at K2013

    Come and find out about Poly-Bi during the world's biggest plastic sector event.

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Poly-Bi and the environment

Each year, the quantity of waste plastic produced around the world rises, and the levels are increasingly difficult to dispose of. Given that we can't simply stop using plastic in today's world - it's so useful and use is wide-spread in so many sectors - our company is promoting a more responsible and sustainable way of using plastic that helps lower the impact on the environment, by using the Poly-Bi technology.

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Are you thinking about including Poly-Bi in your manufacturing cycle?

Poly-Bi is a solution that makes plastic biodegrade.

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